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Supervisory Technology for Banking Supervision

With constant new requirements, the fluid nature of emerging risk, and ongoing regulatory changes, current supervisory systems find themselves inadequate to deal with this continuous evolution. Now more than ever, central banks need to adopt a robust and flexible, risk-based banking supervision platform that evolves right alongside dynamic global banking supervision standards and guidelines.

Expertly designed for financial regulatory bodies across the globe, SQL Power offers a Banking Supervision solution that can be easily tailored to an organization’s current banking supervision needs. From registering or licensing a new banking institution, renewing the license, data collection, complete automation of Basel II and Basel III mandates, providing pre-built risk management and assessment tools like the CAMEL framework and associated risk ratings and metrics, to onsite inspections; the solution provides a robust platform that can be easily tweaked in days/weeks in order to adopt the latest banking supervision mandates, future-proofing your organization’s Banking Supervision Platform.

banking supervision solutions for financial regulators

Your Vision + Our Platform = Unequivocal Success

SQL Power’s Banking Supervision platform was built for the express purpose of simplifying and automating every aspect of Banking Supervision. SQL Power utilizes our highly configurable platform to automate all requests, license application processes, renewals, financial returns, payment collection, and all investigations through an easy-to-use web portal. It will not only address your current regulatory needs and integrate easily with your current in-house technical environment, but it will also pave the way for future regulatory changes. Thus future-proofing your organization and ensuring that it will satisfy your SupTech requirements for decades to come.

How It Works

In a heavily regulated industry like banking despite varying levels of complexity across jurisdictions from simple to complex, supervisors find themselves resource-constrained and limited by their processes. SQL Power automates complex operations to improve the effectiveness of banking supervision by enhanced resource allocation and processes to ultimately improve supervisory outcomes.  

Fully automate and simplify your Basel II returns and prepare for Basel III

Increase the level of harmonization in your banking regulation and supervision activities with an integrated banking supervision solution that automates, simplifies, and standardizes your Basel II data collection processes. The platform also allows you to seamlessly transition from Basel II to Basel III with an integrated roadmap.  

Achieve maximum compliance and adoption with a platform that offers the highest level of automation to regulators and their regulated entities by accurately replicating all formulas within the Basel II returns.

Remove the financial and technological burden from the filers with an easy-to-use web-based interface: users can interact with their regulator, submitting all 45 schedules, and have it all auto-validated for consistency and completeness prior to submission.

Save time and manual effort internally and externally when requesting changes or amendments to submissions by only unlocking a subset of fields or tables that require correction, while locking the rest of the document. All changes in the re-submission are highlighted to the regulator for immediate review.

Unleash the power of advanced analytics by instantly highlighting key ratios and their relative performance on any submission. Analysts no longer have to remember or look-up acceptable key risk ratios or an organization’s reported metric from the last reporting period or its relative performance.

Registration & Licensing

SQL Power uses a powerful and robust business registration and licensing solution that can be tailored to mirror exact business processes and workflows. Our solution massively reduces all the manual work typically associated with registration and licensing processes through a fusion of simplified online forms, electronic signature, payment collection, and certificate generation modules.

Expertly designed for financial regulatory bodies across a variety of jurisdictions, SQL Power offers a powerful and complete, robust data collection and analytics platform to automate the core processes for your business registrations and licensing functions. Our Registration & Licensing Platform automates the core processes for business registrations and licensing activities across a full spectrum of financial sectors, paving the way for more efficient use of operational budgets and personnel resources.

Data Collection

The SQL Power Suite is the most comprehensive and dynamic business-rule-driven Data Collection solution on the market. The solution can be configured to automate any required data capture, any workflow (process), and any reporting function. It is perfectly suited to automate any manual or inefficient business process, building bridges and highways between disparate divisions, agencies, and systems.

Streamline and Automate Basel III Reporting Requirements

Basel III pillars and international standards for banking supervision

SQL Power’s Basel III solution provides banking supervisors with a web-based solution to automate and manage every aspect of Basel Pillars I/II/III. This dynamic platform removes the financial regulatory burden of implementing Basel III reforms, by automating the collection of Pillar I & III disclosure requirements from your constituents. By facilitating submissions from all banks, SQL Power's solution standardizes Basel III returns by collecting uniform data in a consistent format. SQL Power’s Basel III reporting templates are developed based on the standard taxonomy provided by the European Banking Authority. Collectively these returns satisfy the minimum capital requirement for Pillar I reporting, and enhanced disclosure of market discipline for Pillar III reporting requirements.

Seamlessly Transition from Basel II to Basel III with an Integrated Roadmap


Case Management, Investigations & Complaints

Our goal is to fully digitally transform your organization, going well beyond license applications and financial data collection and also fully automating all change requests and complaint forms which upon initial review can launch investigative processes in order to resolve any concerns or reported issues - utilizing our comprehensive case management capabilities. Any change requests are automatically reflected in the organization’s latest 360-degree view.

360-Degree Organizational View

SQL Power offers a complete suite of innovative productivity tools to simplify every aspect of data migration, business intelligence, and performance measurement and management for banking supervision.

Via our 360-degree organizational view, regulators can access all information including licenses, senior staff, shareholders, related organizations, communications, payment history, and complete inspection history. The information is automatically updated from submissions from the entity organization, effectively providing a comprehensive view of every entity the supervisor is responsible for regulating.

Profiles are automatically generated and updated when the system receives validated data and gives authorized users the option to manually create and modify profiles when required. Profiles have the capability to present the entire activity and history of every entity regulated by the regulator in a consolidated area in a compact format, including all registrant information such as contacts or registration categories, submissions, risk assessment results, list of present and former senior officers, directors or shareholders with start and end dates, history of infractions, complaints or payments, related organizations, person or cases, and much more. Profiles are very flexible and can be configured to support multiple different views based on the entity’s associated type of financial institution.

Risk Management

Financial regulators need a structured way to manage risk to maintain confidence, legitimacy, and credibility with stakeholders in the institutional structure of banking regulation and supervision. SQL Power offers a pre-built risk management solution that provides supervisors critical risk assessment tools to empower them with better decision making and to address risk in a systematic manner.

The risk management framework provides financial regulators with fully integrated business intelligence tools, dashboards (CAMEL), an onsite inspection platform, and predictive modeling to derive a risk rating for each organization.

Onsite Examinations

With increasing standards in compliance and risk-based supervision, comes significant pressure for financial authorities to plan and execute various regulatory and supervisory processes required for ongoing supervision. A key proactive supervisory function for regulators is to perform onsite inspections to obtain a comprehensive assessment and risk profile of their regulated entities. With people and resource barriers causing strain on such supervisory processes, inspection teams are expected to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness by conducting each inspection with varied amounts of frequency and intensity that is proportionate to each regulated entity’s risk level.

SQL Power’s Onsite Inspection offers supervisory teams a web-based solution to automate and manage every aspect of regulatory onsite inspection processes and functions. This dynamic platform increases the inspection team's efficiency by automating and delegating mundane tasks while giving regulators the flexibility to adapt as high-level decisions are made throughout the investigation. This world-class solution provides the flexibility to define and assign additional tasks, based on findings, at every stage of the investigation process.

Advanced Analytics

The SQL Power Banking Supervision Solution also comes bundled with integrated advanced analytics. Gain insight to make smart decisions, identify bottlenecks, and discover opportunities for regulatory process improvements. Key financial ratios are assessed in real-time against submitted data providing analysts with early-warning in-line analytics.

The system also learns from historic data to derive reliable predictive models that are then used to mine recently collected data to provide early predictions of potential undesirable outcomes and provide you with the opportunity for early intervention to address any issue well before an institution’s failure - circumventing the impact on the public and maintaining confidence in the regulated market by all stakeholders.

Finetuning the Regulatory Process

SQL Power's no-code, Supervisory Technology solution allows business users to easily update an organization’s data collection and business processes in order to reflect the most recent regulatory policy or legislative changes. The solution automatically renders web forms from the latest business rules (metadata), and cascades business rule changes throughout the system, without any need for re-coding.

Effortless Integration

SQL Power’s Banking Supervision Solution is designed to easily integrate with existing core CRM, governance systems, existing supervisory software, and infrastructure, leveraging existing data and technology investments for seamless integration. Our expert team of engineers will work with your business scale to ensure that our software implementation is smooth and functionally sound.

Why Choose SQL Power's Banking Supervision Solution


Modular & Multifaceted

An end-to-end solution that incorporates a set of modules that cover the whole regulatory lifecycle. Modules can be adopted in stages according to business needs and priorities.

Flexible & Agile

SQL Power Suite's dynamic rules-based architecture allows business users to easily configure their organization's data collection, workflow and business rules in order to reflect the most recent process, policy, or legislative changes.

No-Code, Intuitive & User-Friendly

SQL Power's drag & drop Power Designer facility allows non-technical users to quickly react to changing legislation, standards, and policies, reducing the dependency on outside consultants or IT for ongoing system maintenance.

Fast Deployment

Our Low-Code/No-Code platform can be easily configured to render your existing or desired registration and licensing forms, data collection forms, onsite inspection forms and associated business processes; Allowing our clients to fully digitally transform their key business functions in under 6 months with zero software downloads and zero investment required by your regulated entities.

Maximise Resources & Improve Efficiency

SQL Power creates productivity gains by relieving the personnel from mundane, low-value data entry tasks, and empowering them to focus on high-value activities thus allowing for more efficient use of operational budgets, human resources, and the implementation of data-driven decision making.

Turn-Key Support

SQL Power's Supervisory Technology solution is completely turnkey and includes software installation and upgrades, production environment support, a lifetime extended warranty on all deliverables, and post-production rollout change requests for every in-scope deliverable. Effectively future-proofing the entire implementation for decades to come.

Adopt the most robust Banking Supervision Solution in the World.

Experience end-to-end automation of all banking supervision and risk management functions including access to real-time alerts, dashboards, and advanced analytics with SQL Power.

Adopt the most robust Banking Supervision Solution in the World.

Experience end-to-end automation of all banking supervision and risk management functions including access to real-time alerts, dashboards, and advanced analytics with SQL Power.