Choose the New Standard in Supervisory Technology

SQL Power’s Financial Supervision platform was built for Financial Regulators and the express purpose of simplifying and automating every aspect of Financial Supervision. SQL Power utilizes our highly configurable platform to automate all requests, license application processes, renewals, financial returns, payment collection, and all investigations through an easy-to-use web portal. It will not only address your current regulatory needs and integrate easily with your current in-house technical environment, but it will also pave the way for future regulatory changes. Thus future-proofing your organization and ensuring that it will satisfy your SupTech requirements for decades to come.

Traditional System Development/ Implementation (SDLC)


SQL Power's System Implementation Approach (SDLC)


Gather customer requirements.


Choose a pre-built solution and customize it to meet stated requirements or custom develop a homegrown solution that meets the desired requirements

Configure the SupTech Hub to deliver customers' exact online forms and business processes.


Customizing a proven pre-built solution to meet the customer's requirements can be very expensive and time-consuming; while custom-developing a home-grown solution is risky, can take several years to develop, and is difficult to support.

The low-code/no-code SupTech Hub allows for effortless configuration using an intuitive Designer facility and provides the ability to easily meet the clients' exact business requirements.


Typical solutions (whether purchased or custom developed) are code-based; with hundreds of thousands of lines of code to support and maintain - making future enhancements time consuming and difficult.

The SQL Power Suite is configured to deliver customers' desired future state of online forms and business processes. Changes are made in a GUI Designer facility in minutes not days.


Purchased or home-grown solutions require extensive time and resources to integrate with existing legacy systems often resulting in them being used as standalone applications creating data silos.

SQL Power's Integration Hub allows for seamless integration with existing legacy systems, collecting and consolidating data from various sources into one centralized web portal - providing a consolidated view of all information irrespective of where this information originated and providing the client with a 360-degree view of every organization or person of interest.


Traditional solutions (where purchased or custom developed) usually do not come with an enterprise analytics platform; requiring a Data Warehouse to integrate all clients legacy data and the newly purchased/ developed solutions' data.

The SQL Power platform comes bundled with an Analytics Data Mart that dynamically evolves with every legacy system integration and every data collection change made in Designer.


Typical Data Warehouses that integrate with all client's legacy data, as well as the newly purchased/ developed solution's data, usually take many years to build.

SupTech Hub collected data along with integrations with existing legacy systems provide clients with an Instant Data Warehouse for all their KPIs and Enterprise Reporting needs.


Project implementation of the newly purchased/ custom-developed solution may take between 1.5 to 2 years to develop and/ or customize.

The entire SQL Power solution is configured to the customers exact needs and delivered to the UAT environment in less than 6 months.


Customer feedback and change requests take weeks/ months to implement creating a backlog of software change requests.

SQL Power's Designer facility allows users to make (and test) changes in minutes/ hours, instead of weeks/ months.


Obtain customer sign-off and roll-out to production.


Traditional solutions require scarce tech resources to continuously support and maintain the newly implemented system making it difficult to react to changes to policies and legislation in a timely fashion - rendering the custom solution obsolete within 7 - 10 years.

SQL Power's easy-to-use drag & drop Designer facility gives clients complete control over the solution allowing them to quickly react to changes in policies or legislation in hours/ days. Effectively future-proofing the entire implementation for decades to come.

The SupTech Hub Differentiators

Highly Configurable

SQL Power's Designer facility gives business users the ability to make any required changes in minutes/hours, instead of weeks/months eliminating any waiting time and ensuring that any changes are made in a timely fashion

Quick Development Process

SQL Power's commercial off-the-shelf solution can be configured significantly faster to address critical challenges and automate business processes.

Low Risk

SQL Power's low-code development allows end-users to meet complex business requirements without the risks that often come with custom-coded applications and with less effort

Seamless Integration

SQL Power’s Integration Hub allows for the seamless integration with existing legacy systems, collecting and consolidating data from various sources into one centralized web portal, eliminating data silos

Free Up Tech Resources

SQL Power's easy-to-use, drag & drop Designer facility gives business users with no coding experience the tools to quickly react to changing legislation, standards, policies, and business processes. This frees up valuable tech resources and saves time waiting for developer availability

Turnkey Support & Extended Warranty

The SupTech Hub is completely turnkey and includes software installation and upgrades, production environment support, a lifetime extended warranty on all deliverables, and post-production rollout change requests for every in-scope deliverable

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The highly-configurable SupTech Hub offers the lowest TCO on the market due to its effective and quick implementation and deployment process, maintaining the project within scope, on time and within budget


Just like Elon Musk set out to make the best car in the world that so happens to be electric, SQL Power set out to develop the best supervision platform in the world that so happens to be XBRL powered!