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About SQL Power

Our Company

Founded in 1989, SQL Power Group Inc. is a global application software firm and the World leader in Financial Regulation, Digital Transformation, and Real-Time Advanced Analytics.

SQL Power is at the forefront of regulatory software innovation - rolling out the World’s first fully integrated XBRL-based data collection, risk management, case management, and advanced analytics solution in 2009. The platform integrates easily with existing regulators’ legacy systems and evolves seamlessly alongside changes to Global standards, best practices, and customer needs.

The SQL Power SupTech platform will not only address all your current supervision needs, integrate easily with your existing legacy systems, while fully empowering your business users, and eliminating your IT resource constraints, but it will also evolve easily with future regulatory requirements, thus future-proofing your organization for decades to come - virtually eliminating the need for future software investments.

SQL Power offers a Significantly Superior SupTech solution and the Lowest TCO, providing our clients with:

  • A Highly Configurable Platform (No Custom Coding).
  • Built-in Business Process Workflow Engine and Comprehensive Case Management Capabilities.
  • Highly Configurable Risk Management and Onsite Inspection Modules.
  • Pre-Built Basel II and Basel III Returns.
  • Business Users can easily make changes to online forms and process workflows.
  • Platform integrates easily with 3rd Party Applications and existing Legacy Systems.
  • Easy Data Pulling from Regulated Entities Backend Databases.
  • Dynamic 360-degree View of Every Organization and Person of interest.
  • Solution evolves easily with Regulator’s evolving business and jurisdictional needs and global standards.
  • Solution is Bundled with a World Class Business Intelligence Tool in MicroStrategy.
  • Integrated Real-Time Analytics platform with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities.
  • Extended Warranty that includes a lifetime warranty on all system deliverables.

Whether you are a Central Bank, a Financial Services Commission, or a Securities Exchange Commission - the SQL Power platform is the game changer that you’ve been waiting for. It will help you catch up on your oversight functions backlog, easily evolve with your changing needs, all while providing the ultimate confidence in the regulated market.

Our Mission

Through transformative thinking, and innovative technology, SQL Power will radically change the way organizations worldwide gather, control, mine, consume and report against information.

SQL Power's SupTech Hub

Today, SQL Power's flagship product the SupTech Hub is a commercially available off the shelf (COTS) eSignature-ready supervision management framework that's completely multilingual. The solution integrates easily into existing organizations' infrastructures to unify decentralized operations, and streamline important data collection and oversight functions. The platform has been field-proven by Canadian as well as international organizations.

The SupTech Hub's dynamic rules-based architecture allows business users to easily update their organization's data collection, workflow and business rules in order to reflect the most recent process, policy, or legislative changes. The solution automatically renders web-forms/returns from the latest set of business rules, and cascades data collection and workflow changes throughout the system, without any need for re-coding. This reduces the dependency on outside consultants or IT for ongoing system maintenance.

The system fully insulates regulators, government agencies, large conglomerates and their clients from XBRL's complexities, while delivering all the advantages of a complete end-to-end data collection and analytics platform - ensuring maximum adoption, transparency, flexibility, and compliance.

SQL Power's real-time Analytics platform is the most powerful Business Intelligence (BI) platform on the market, delivering a pre-built data mart solution that is data and business rule agnostic and a BI tool in MicroStrategy that provides all business intelligence requirements including: standard reports, predictive modeling, mobile dashboards, and ad-hoc reporting.

Implementation Services

As an experienced integrator, we understand that there is more to delivering a solution than simply assembling discrete pieces of technology. Instead, SQL Power brings a wealth of rigor and innovation, discipline and knowledge, as well as lessons learned from real-world implementations, to include: COTS with IT integration, along with minimal mods/customizations (as required), and an appreciation for business process issues, rapid execution capability, deployment and support.

We at SQL Power fully appreciate the value of a successful working partnership with our clients. Our team brings a wealth of practical experience designing, integrating, and deploying mission critical data collection solutions and a passion for successfully executing project delivery - delivering to our clients a benchmark solution that is an international showcase.


Questions? We're here to help you every step of the way. Let's talk.

Questions? We're here to help you every step of the way. Let's talk.

Ask us about our SupTech solutions, implementation options, or anything else. Our expert team is standing by, ready to help!