Data Warehousing Services

Strategic Planning for BI Reporting

Implement a robust BI Reporting strategy that facilitates truly insightful decision-making.

Timely access to relevant, correct, and complete information is critical to decision-making in today's fast-paced environment. Successful organizations typically have the right data at the right time to make the decisions that allow them to leapfrog their competitors, by gaining insight on trends, customers, and opportunities, leading to:

  • Increased profitability through reduced costs, higher margins, and improved sales
  • Reduced risks through understanding and management of key areas and improved regulatory compliance reporting

But successful business intelligence requires a well-thought-out strategy and approach to ensure that decision-makers have the right information. SQL Power consultants are experts at designing and delivering BI strategies and solutions. Our proven methodology, developed throughout our 20 years of delivering BI solutions, ensures that every step of your BI implementation is successful - from strategy and plan through to design and deployment, knowledge transfer, and ongoing support.

10 Benefits of BI Strategic Planning

  1. BI goals and objectives are communicated to the entire organization
  2. Identify opportunities to leverage legacy/existing HW/SW investments and development efforts
  3. Defines an overall BI roadmap that aligns priorities to corporate goals, ensuring that high value opportunities are implemented first
  4. Ensures that individual BI projects align with BI goals and strategies, and provide an acceptable ROI
  5. Ensures a cohesive approach, eliminating the fragmentation and duplicate efforts that occur with independent BI initiatives
  6. Assesses organizational readiness and provides an internal organization rollout plan
  7. Provides an inventory of organization skillsets, identifying gaps and capabilities
  8. Defines benchmarks for data quality and data quality thresholds
  9. Governance guidelines are developed to guide the access to data by function or organization group
  10. Improve confidence in the IT organization by providing a BI customer-centric approach

SQL Power Consulting can help you:

  • Assess your current organization (business, organizational and technical assessment)
  • Define your BI strategy to ensure that it enhances your business strategy
  • Manage your data more effectively
  • Build a dynamic, robust BI architecture
  • Ensure high quality data
  • Integrate disparate data to facilitate decision making
  • Develop business processes to leverage your information

With over 20 years of experience delivering BI strategy and BI solutions, the SQL Power consulting team has the expertise to help you define and implement the right BI Strategy so that your business has the business intelligence it needs to thrive in this difficult and highly competitive global market.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Consulting

Provides your end-users with a flexible, scalable decision-support environment that meets their changing needs in a timely fashion

To maintain your organization's competitive edge, you need your business intelligence environment to deliver the right information quickly and accurately. Despite increasing demands, changing requirements and scarce resources, failure is NEVER an option.

Through dedication and innovation, we deliver business intelligence solutions of the highest quality to value-oriented clients. Whether you're building an enterprise data warehouse, a data mart, or an operational data store, SQL Power consultants can help expedite and de-risk your decision support implementation.

sql power data warehouse

Using our proven data warehouse design philosophy, SQL Power consultants have successfully architected and implemented numerous complex data warehouse and data mart projects. These experiences have equipped our consultants with proven solutions to the many intricate data warehousing problems. Having these readily-available solutions in our arsenal serves to simplify our data warehousing implementations, and affords us the ability to concentrate on our clients' truly unique data issues.

SQL Power consultants also bring to the table a complete suite of SQL Power Tools to streamline data warehouse productivity. We will supplement your software investment with our proven productivity tools, thus enhancing productivity and expediting data warehouse implementations.

Proven methodology, highly-skilled consultants and state-of-the-art productivity tools have established SQL Power as the premier business intelligence solution provider in Canada. We will surpass your expectations and successfully deliver the right solution on-time and within budget.

10 Benefits of Business Intelligence

  1. Provides a business intelligence platform for the entire organization
  2. Connect people to information anyplace and anytime, allowing for rapid decision making
  3. Empower your employees to make business decisions by providing them with the information that they need
  4. Simplify access to pockets of information by implementing a central BI repository
  5. Analyze data to gain insight not seen before, by providing employees with the right data and tools
  6. Improved data quality by bringing focus to and emphasis on the organization's data
  7. Reduce training time and cost by providing tools and data models designed for the business user instead of the IT group
  8. Deliver sophisticated analysis and reporting through enterprise data models and end-user BI tools
  9. Provides a mechanism to have organization-level views of customers, suppliers, and other entities important to the business, eliminating silo analysis and providing new insights
  10. Transparency in the business - data is accessible at all levels and to all members of the organization

SQL Power Data Warehouse experts will:

  • Prevent time and cost overruns by defining a proper scope for each phase of the data warehouse
  • Design a flexible data warehouse that will easily evolve with the organization's demand for new information
  • Design and develop all required ETL processes
  • Build conformed dimensions, providing the data warehouse users with a single view for each key dimension
  • Aggregate fact data for improved performance
  • Design and implement an end-user reporting environment that masks the complexity of the underlying database structures

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