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Regulatory Technology SaaS Platform

Change is constant, global standards and regulatory best practices are constantly evolving and the rate of change is getting faster. New regulations, new standards, and new reporting requirements put into question what we’ve built to date and we wonder when will it ever stop?

COVID-19 has provided the needed justification for a circuit breaker, a great reset, and the full Digital Transformation of Financial Regulation. If there was no pandemic, then it would’ve been Global Warming (with fires and hurricanes causing office closures) that would’ve forced financial regulators to digitally transform to continue operations safely and remotely, during the worst of times.

Supporting SupTech adoption during these unprecedented times, SQL Power is empowering jurisdictions with the ultimate platform coupled with flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency, and transparency. Our compelling solution not only allows regulators the capability to support their initiatives on-premise but also from the cloud with SaaS+.

Progressive supervisory organizations recognize that complete Digital Transformation is needed NOW, and are accelerating the adoption of dynamic regulatory digital platforms that:


  • Automate every aspect of their Financial Data Collection - ensuring quality data intake
  • Automate every aspect of the License Registration and Renewal processes
  • Automate all their Risk Management & Risk Assessment needs
  • Automate every aspect of Onsite Inspections and Offsite Monitoring
  • Automate every public-facing Business Process
  • Cloud hosting and Managed Services for a complete turnkey solution
  • Achieve complete peace of mind with unlimited post-production changes to all in-scope deliverables

Progressive regulatory organizations can move quickly with SQL Power’s SaaS+ solutions, to be up and running in under 90 days.

Registration & Licensing

In these changing times where efficiency, safety, and full automation are key drivers for the future of registration and licensing – our platform makes it seamless to digitally transform all registration and licensing processes. Through the convenience of simplified online forms, sophisticated business process workflows, electronic signatures, payment collection, and certificate generation modules, SQL Power significantly reduces the manual workload typically associated with the registration and licensing processes.

Our interactive forms facility highlights validation rules and warnings in real-time to the user to mitigate any data entry errors ensuring that only complete and consistent applications are submitted to the regulator. Our platform can easily integrate with existing legacy systems, CRM systems, and infrastructure for a seamless transition and immediate end-to-end automation of all required registration and licensing functions.

Financial Data Collection

Whether your organization is facing challenges like low data quality intake, obsolete data collection forms, or time-consuming manual financial data procedures, SQL Power automates and simplifies every aspect of data collection, ensuring that only complete, consistent, and accurate data are ever submitted to the regulator.

In a matter of weeks, SQL Power will replicate existing financial returns in our online Forms facility, make all required changes to meet current standards, add any missing validation rules and roll them out to your regulated entities. Effectively launching a system-wide standard and an automated web-forms-based reporting platform that virtually eliminates the need for manual reviews, rejections, and resubmissions.

Within seconds of an industry submission of a financial report, the system quickly assesses its adherence to predefined acceptable thresholds for key risk metrics and highlights any weak submissions by colour-coding them with a red, yellow, or green indicator - thus prioritizing scarce analyst resources’ work and focusing them on likely problematic submissions.

Case Management, Investigations & Complaints

Our goal is to fully digitally transform your organization, this means going well beyond license applications and financial data collection and also fully automating all Change Requests and Complaint forms which upon initial review can launch investigative processes in order to resolve any concerns or reported issues - utilizing SQL Power’s comprehensive case management capabilities.

Change Requests, whether they are director changes, name changes or address changes are automatically reflected in the organization’s latest 360-degree view.

Complaint processing takes full advantage of the SQL Power Suite’s comprehensive case management capabilities, allowing users to send notifications, schedule review meetings, make manual or automated decisions, assign fieldwork to investigators, prepare final reports, levy penalties or fines, collect payments, and can even accommodate appeals processes.

Instant Know Your Customer (KYC) Views

A 360-degree organizational view of all pertinent information related to a regulated entity and its representatives is provided through the Organization Profile and Person Profile dashboards. Profiles are automatically updated when the system receives a valid submission whether it is a change request, a financial submission, a license approval/renewal, or an Onsite Inspection final report. Authorized users are also able to update these profiles directly based on information uncovered during their day-to-day activities.

Analysts and management have ongoing access to the latest profile information for every organization including basic name/address information, risk assessment metrics and dashboards, active licenses, directors, senior officers, shareholders, related organizations, communications, onsite inspections, complaints, investigations, history of infractions, complaints, financial submissions, cases, payments and much more from one easy to access consolidated view. These Organization and Person Profile views are highly configurable and can be tailored to suit the regulator's specific information and risk assessment needs.

Risk Management

Financial regulators need a structured way to identify, monitor, address, and manage risk to maintain confidence, legitimacy, and credibility with stakeholders in the institutional structure of financial regulation and supervision. SQL Power offers a pre-built Risk Management Solution that equips supervisors with critical risk assessment tools to empower them with better decision-making and to address risk in a systematic manner.

In order to satisfy the need of providing effective risk-based supervision, regulators need risk to be identified and monitored, addressed, then measured, allowing them to plan and adjust the type of filings, frequency of filings, and onsite inspections proportionate to the level of risk associated with that sector and/or the inspected entity.

SQL Power supports continuous monitoring and management of an entity’s risk levels based on the latest submissions. Our risk management framework provides financial regulators with fully integrated risk assessment dashboards (including an overall Risk Assessment dashboard as well as Financial Risk dashboards like CAMEL), an onsite inspection platform, a 360-degree organizational view to derive the comprehensive risk-rating for each organization - as well as predictive modeling capabilities to identify at-risk regulated entities.

Onsite Examinations

A key proactive supervisory function for regulators is to perform supervisory onsite inspections in order to investigate particular issues and to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the risk profile of their regulated entities.

SQL Power’s Onsite Inspection solution offers supervisory teams a web-based solution to automate and manage every aspect of their regulatory onsite inspection processes and functions. From choosing proportionate inspection activities relative to the associated risk profile of the inspected entity, to inspection lead assignment, to team selection, to notifications, to pre-inspection reports, to scheduling internal reviews and kick-off meetings, to developing a more in-depth understanding of the supervised financial institutions, to anticipating future impacts from past and present figures to making recommendations, imposing limitations/conditions and other remedial activities when corrective measures need to take place.

All these recommendations, limitations and conditions are monitored by the offsite inspection team, through the 360-degree Organizational profile, and limitations are either lifted due to compliance or further sanctions, penalties, restrictions are imposed on the entity for ongoing non-compliance.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insight to make smart decisions, identify bottlenecks, and discover opportunities for regulatory process improvements. Key financial ratios are assessed in real-time against submitted data providing analysts with early-warning in-line analytics.

The system also learns from historic data to derive reliable predictive models that are then used to mine recently collected data to provide early predictions of potential undesirable outcomes and provide you with the opportunity for early intervention to address any issue well before an institution’s failure - circumventing the impact on the public and maintaining confidence in the regulated market by all stakeholders.

Cloud-Hosting Services

SQL Power uses ThinkOn for cloud hosting, a cloud data centre that scales without limits with redundancies in 22 locations around the world. What this means for Financial Regulators is that the production environment and disaster recovery environments will be located at different data centres, ensuring that all data will remain safe and secure.

The hosting environment is expertly managed and securely monitored by another leader in the Managed Services and IT Security space in Quick Intelligence (Qi).

SQL Power Group and our hosting partners deploy proven technological innovation solutions that have been endorsed, recognized, and chosen as the mission-critical go-to platform around the World.

Complete Turnkey Support

SQL Power's cloud-hosted Supervisory Technology solution is completely turnkey and includes cloud-hosting and managed services, software installation and upgrades, production environment support, a lifetime extended warranty on all deliverables, and post-production rollout change requests for every in-scope deliverable. Effectively future-proofing the entire implementation for decades to come.

Why Choose SQL Power's Cloud-Hosted Regulatory Technology Platform


Modular & Multifaceted

An end-to-end solution that incorporates a set of modules that cover the whole regulatory lifecycle. Modules can be adopted in stages according to business needs and priorities.

Flexible & Agile

SQL Power Suite's dynamic rules-based architecture allows business users to easily configure their organization's data collection, workflow and business rules in order to reflect the most recent process, policy, or legislative changes.

No-Code, Intuitive & User-Friendly

SQL Power's drag & drop Power Designer facility allows non-technical users to quickly react to changing legislation, standards, and policies, reducing the dependency on outside consultants or IT for ongoing system maintenance.

Fast Deployment

Our Low-Code/No-Code platform can be easily configured to render your existing or desired registration and licensing forms, data collection forms, onsite inspection forms and associated business processes; Allowing our clients to fully digitally transform their key business functions in under 6 months with zero software downloads and zero investment required by your regulated entities.

Maximise Resources & Improve Efficiency

SQL Power creates productivity gains by relieving the personnel from mundane, low-value data entry tasks, and empowering them to focus on high-value activities thus allowing for more efficient use of operational budgets, human resources, and the implementation of data-driven decision making.

Turn-Key Support

SQL Power's Supervisory Technology solution is completely turnkey and includes software installation and upgrades, production environment support, a lifetime extended warranty on all deliverables, and post-production rollout change requests for every in-scope deliverable. Effectively future-proofing the entire implementation for decades to come.

Quickly adopt the most robust Cloud-Hosted Regulatory Solution in the World.

Experience end-to-end automation of all supervision and risk management functions including access to real-time alerts, dashboards, and advanced analytics with SQL Power.

Quickly adopt the most robust Cloud-Hosted Regulatory Technology Platform in the World.

Experience end-to-end automation of all supervision and risk management functions including access to real-time alerts, dashboards, and advanced analytics with SQL Power.