"Our partnership with SQL Power Group has delivered on all fronts - digital transformation, risk based supervision, reduction in compliance costs and superior service delivery to our regulated populace.
Our vision of a leading central bank committed to Namibia’s prosperity is taking shape!"

- Kazembire Zemburuka
Executive Team Member, Bank of Namibia

Below is a representation of our client base across major verticals from Banking Supervision and Solvency Regulation through to Telco, Banking, Broadcasting, Retail and Pharmaceutical:

“With a competitor’s solution, CIMA spent 4 years and $4.0 Million to automate 2 returns; while with the SQL Power solution we were able to automate 38 returns in 6 months for less than half the price.”

- Chuck Thompson
Head of Information Systems Division, CIMA

Trinidad and Tobago Securities & Exchange Commission

SQL Power, the global leader in financial regulatory and advanced analytics technology is proud to announce the implementation of its supervisory platform, the SQL Power Suite, at the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (TTSEC). According to the TTSEC, the Electronically Advanced Submission interface or EASi platform will revolutionize the way in which the securities industry is regulated, as it puts market players front and center in navigating the system, from submission and renewal of applications to disclosure filings among other important services.


Just like Elon Musk set out to make the best car in the world that so happens to be electric, SQL Power set out to develop the best supervision platform in the world that so happens to be XBRL powered!