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Implementation Services

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Supervisory System Implementation Services

All SQL Power Group Inc. team members follow the Project Management principles based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) in good standing. SQL Power Group Inc. manages implementation of projects using the methods outlined below.

Project Integration Management

SQL Power develops a project charter as part of the contract process to outline the scope and deliverables for the project. The scope and deliverables specified in the project charter is based on requirements and changes that occur during contract negotiation with our clients. SQL Power Group Inc. develops a project plan detailing work items, resources and deliverable dates for each implementation.

Communications Management

SQL Power Group prepares weekly status reports and conducts regular status meetings at a mutually agreed upon interval (typically weekly or bi-weekly) throughout the life of the project to ensure that our clients are informed of the project progress, issues, change requests and risks.


Scope Management

Scope is based on the definition defined in the project charter and is further detailed in the various requirements documentation. Variations from the scope is handled using typical technical-side change management procedures through a change request process. Change requests may require a change in cost or timeline if approved. Change requests are tracked in a change request log which will be reviewed at each project status meeting.


Time Management

SQL Power Group Inc. monitors progress against the project plan to ensure timely implementation of all items. Any potential delays will be identified in the weekly status report in order to ensure they can be mitigated if possible. Changes to timeline requires an approved change request.


Cost Management

All prices quoted are fixed price. Any changes in price requires an approved change request.


Risk Management

SQL Power, along with the client, will identify risks and mitigation strategies to the successful implementation of the solution. Risks will be tracked in a risk management log that will be reviewed at each status meeting.


Quality Management 

All items developed undergoes the following quality processes: 1) unit testing by the developer responsible, 2) review by the client business primes of forms and reports/dashboards throughout the development phases to provide early visibility of progress and identification of issues so they can be resolved at the earliest possible time, 3) integration testing of the entire system of SQL Power Group Inc. quality assurance team, and 4) user acceptance testing by the client.


Human Resources Management

SQL Power Group Inc. identifies key members of the team that would deliver the solution. In the event that one of these individuals becomes unavailable SQL Power Group Inc. will be responsible for replacing them with a similarly qualified individual.



People-Side Change Management

SQL Power Group Inc. expects that a change management process will parallel system development, including: strategy, readiness, business discipline, communication, training, and long-tern sustainment. The implementation of the SQL Power Suite aligns with the client’s strategy. The client is largely responsible for ensuring readiness, following a joint assessment between SQL Power Group Inc. and the client. Initial onsite meetings backed by the client Project Sponsor assist in heightening understanding and ensuring internal buy-in. Clients are responsible for informing industry of changes and getting them on board, and ongoing communication between all stakeholders and comprehensive training will support the change. SQL Power Group Inc. will track feedback even post-implementation.



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