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COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation and SaaS Adoption in Financial Regulation
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COVID-19 has provided the needed justification for a circuit breaker, a great reset, and the full Digital Transformation of Financial Regulation. If there was no pandemic, then it would’ve been Global Warming (with fires and hurricanes causing office closures) that would’ve forced financial regulators to digitally transform to continue operations safely and remotely, during the worst of times.

Rebuilding in a post-pandemic world must leverage everything we've learned and recent advances in technology. What comes next needs to be about embracing the new normal and utilizing technology in Financial Regulation to adapt to this changed state of reality.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Implications of COVID-19 on Digital Transformation
  • How organizations can benefit from adopting a digital platform
  • What the move to the cloud looks like across industries
  • Maintaining security in a cloud environment

Progressive supervisory organizations recognize that complete Digital Transformation is needed NOW, and are accelerating the adoption of dynamic regulatory digital platforms that:

  • Automate every aspect of their Financial Data Collection - ensuring quality data intake
  • Automate every aspect of License Registration and Renewal processes
  • Automate all their Risk Management & Risk Assessment needs
  • Automate every aspect of Onsite Inspections and Offsite Monitoring
  • Automate every public-facing Business Process
  • Include Cloud hosting and Managed Services for a complete turnkey solution
  • Achieve complete peace of mind with unlimited post-production changes to all in-scope deliverables

Meet the Speakers

Sam Selim
President & CIO | SQL Power Group Inc.

Sam Selim is SQL Power's President, Founder, and Chief innovation officer. With over 30 years of experience architecting, innovating, and developing Data Collection, Data Migration, and Digital Transformation solutions. Over the past 10 years, Sam has been spearheading SQL Power's Financial Regulatory practice playing a hands-on Engagement Management role on many of SQL Power's Financial Regulatory Digital Transformation projects, leading regulators Worldwide away from paper-based and in-person interactions with their customers to a fully automated and digitized platform that automates every aspect of Financial Supervision including Registration & Licensing, Renewals, Financial Data Collection, Risk Management, Investigations & Onsite Inspections.

Craig McLellan
Founder & CEO | ThinkOn

As the Chief Executive Officer of ThinkOn, Craig McLellan is a forward-thinking business leader who has been at the forefront of technology innovation and data security in Canada and the U.S. for the past 25 years. Under Craig’s leadership, ThinkOn has grown both organically and through strategic acquisition, currently placing the organization on The Globe and Mail list as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies for 2020. ThinkOn is proud to be the only Canadian company authorized to service government workloads at the Federal level. As a pioneer for cloud, Craig currently sits on several industry advisory boards including Veeam, Hitachi, and VMware, where he helps to guide cloud architecture design, data management, protection, and privacy strategy.

Dave Millier
CSO | Quick Intelligence

Dave is the CSO of Quick Intelligence, a boutique VAR and cybersecurity consulting company specializing in playing the “trusted advisor” role for over 100 clients, from SMB to enterprise. He is a recognized expert in the cybersecurity field, has been singled out by IT Business as one of the 8 Toronto cybersecurity experts you should know, and speaks regularly at global conferences.

Dave is also one of the founders of TASK, the Toronto Area Security Klatch, and as well as Sector Canada’s largest and most successful cybersecurity conference, where Dave acts as one of the Advisors. Dave acts as the moderator annually for The Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Security Summit.

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