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See for yourself. Watch how the SQL Power Suite can help empower your regulatory organization through a series of demo videos that will take you through the solution from beginning to end.

SQL Power Suite Solution Overview

Watch a high-level overview of the SQL Power Suite, the most revolutionary and robust Financial Regulatory solution on the market. Delivering the ultimate in regulator flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency, and transparency; increasing the likelihood of timely successful intervention while providing all interested parties with the ultimate confidence in the regulated market.

Registration & Licensing

SQL Power uses a powerful and robust data collection and analytics platform to automate the core processes for business registrations and licensing across a spectrum of financial sectors. This paves the way for more efficient use of operational budgets, personnel resources, and the implementation of data-driven decision making.

Financial Data Collection

SQL Power automates and simplifies every aspect of data collection, ensuring that only complete, consistent, and accurate data are ever submitted to the regulator, eliminating the need for manual reviews, rejections, and resubmissions.

Inline Analytics

In this demo we will show you how to utilize Inline Analytics to prioritize your Analyst's workload and reviews of regulated entities' submissions.

Organization Profile

Profiles shown in the 360-Organization view have the capability to present the entire activity and history of every entity regulated by the regulator in a consolidated area in a compact format, including all registrant information such as contacts or registration categories, submissions, risk assessment results, list of present and former senior officers, directors or shareholders with start and end dates, history of infractions, complaints or payments, related organizations, person, or cases, and much more. Profiles are very flexible and can be configured to support multiple different views based on the entity’s associated type of financial institution.

Risk Management

SQL Power's pre-built Risk Management solution equips supervisors with critical risk assessment tools to empower them with better decision-making and to address risk in a systematic manner, by continuously monitoring and managing regulated entity’s risk levels based on the latest submissions.

CAMEL Dashboard

This configurable, out-of-the-box CAMEL Dashboard displays the overall risk score for an organization. This dashboard has 5 tabs to drill into the Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management Quality, Earnings, and Liquidity of any organization in the system.

Onsite Examinations

SQL Power’s Onsite Examination solution offers supervisory teams a web-based solution to automate and manage every aspect of their regulatory onsite inspection processes and functions. From scheduling or performing ad hoc inspections to applying proportionate inspection activities relative to the associated risk profile of the inspected entity, to developing a more in-depth understanding of the supervised financial institutions, to anticipating future impacts from past and present figures to leading action-oriented, remedial activities when corrective measures need to take place.

Integration Hub

SQL Power’s Integration Hub gives supervisors the ability to consolidate all collected data from various sources and legacy systems into one centralized web portal. Effectively eliminating the need to retool your existing systems along with expensive data migration while still having access to all historic data.

Power Designer

Watch a high-level overview of Power Designer. Power Designer is a rules-based, meta-data driven GUI design module that now gives business users complete control - streamlining taxonomy design and XBRL formula creation, as well as the returns definitions and data collection design process. Allowing regulators to quickly react to changing legislation, standards, and policies without IT or 3rd party intervention.

Predictive Modeling

The SQL Power Predictive Modeling tool generates a predictive model (based on historic data), and this model is used to assess newly collected data to generate a visual chart highlighting which institutions are likely to fail.

XBRL Analytics

XBRL Analytics is an integral component of the SQL Power Suite. XBRL Analytics consumes any taxonomy and taxonomy changes, validates instance document submissions against the taxonomy, and optimally stores the data for near-real-time reporting. XBRL Analytics bundles SQL Power's proven ETL technology and XBRL parsing approach with an embedded Business Intelligence stack from Microstrategy - a global leader in BI and mobile BI technology.

Part 1: Generating a Grid Report

This video will navigate the user through the MicroStrategy web BI interface, and emphasize the simplicity of performing manipulations against a standard grid report.

Part 2: Interacting with a Dashboard

This video will present a standard, interactive dashboard, used for consolidating aggregate and detailed information across organizations. A variety of key performance indicators will be represented in different formats. Although accessed via a desktop, all functionality is additionally available via mobile devices.

Part 3: Creating a Visualisation

This video will demonstrate the ease by which an ad hoc report can be created. A bar chart will be built, incorporating on demand filtering and quick-formatting.

SQL Power Suite in Arabic

This video consolidates the aforementioned functionality in a single presentation, while showcasing the SQL Power Suite platform's multilingual capabilities.