A Practical Guide to Reaching the Financial Regulatory Promised Land

Learn how Financial Supervisors can eliminate the need for future software evaluations and investments; leveraging the power of innovative technology to transform and futureproof their jurisdictions for decades to come.

Roadmap to Full Digital Transformation in Financial Regulation

The advent of technology in the financial sector has changed the way financial regulators operate, interact, and monitor their regulated entities. In this digital age, Financial Supervisors need to adopt a new paradigm that changes the way they supervise, communicate, review, analyze and inspect their entities; while automating every aspect of their regulatory oversight functions. The rapidly evolving technological landscape of financial services requires a proactive and resolute approach from supervisors towards the use of SupTech technology.

Removing All Barriers to Risk Based Supervision

Learn How Financial Supervisors Can Eliminate Expensive Data Migration and Defer the Replacement of Functioning Legacy Systems.

Enter the New Standard in Utility Regulation via Digital Transformation

We empower all regulators with a world-class platform to streamline and automate all regulatory functions for complete visibility and transparency.

White Paper: Real Data for Government

Gone are the days of collecting printouts and PDFs - SQL Power brings Governments the world's only fully-integrated, end-to-end data collection and analytics platform.

White Paper: The Roadmap to Successful XBRL Adoption

Organizations across the globe are increasingly viewing XBRL as the enabling technology that will allow them to automate the capture and analysis of financial information. Learn how your business can transition to XBRL more efficiently.