RBI calls on banking supervisors to get familiar with new supervisory tools

According to a recent article published by Business Standard, the Reserve Bank (RBI) has called on banking supervisors to familiarize themselves with the latest technological tools in order to enhance their capabilities and effectively address the challenges posed by fast-evolving financial technologies. RBI Deputy Governor Mukesh Jain emphasized the need for supervisors to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to stay updated on industry developments, enhance supervisory techniques, and strengthen risk management practices. He highlighted the importance of capacity building and empowering supervisors to fulfill their roles in maintaining the stability and soundness of the banking sector. Jain also emphasized the need for supervisors to learn from past experiences, collaborate across jurisdictions, and strike a balance between ensuring financial stability and addressing moral hazard implications.

Jain acknowledged the technology revolution sweeping the financial world, including the rise of fintech, which has pushed traditional banks to embrace digital transformation and become more agile and innovative. Jain highlighted the importance of building capacities to handle technological advancements, investing in a long-term vision, and adopting advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools to gain deeper insights into supervised entities' operations.

"This is all the more necessary as in today's rapidly evolving banking landscape, supervisors cannot afford to stay behind the curve and therefore it is essential for banking supervisors to stay abreast of industry developments, enhance their supervisory techniques, and strengthen risk management practices to address emerging challenges." - Deputy Governor, Mukesh Jain

The Reserve Bank has taken steps to enhance supervisory frameworks through the use of analytical tools, stress testing models, vulnerability assessments, and cyber risk indicators. Additionally, they are incorporating advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into supervisory data to gain deeper insights.

SQL Power: Supervisory (SupTech) Platform for Banking Supervisors

With constant new requirements, the fluid nature of emerging risk, and ongoing regulatory changes, current supervisory systems find themselves inadequate to deal with this continuous evolution. Now more than ever, central banks need to adopt a robust and flexible, risk-based banking supervision platform that evolves right alongside dynamic global banking supervision standards and guidelines.

Expertly designed for financial regulatory bodies across the globe, SQL Power offers a Banking Supervision solution that can be easily tailored to an organization’s current banking supervision needs. From registering or licensing a new banking institution, renewing the license, data collection, complete automation of Basel II and Basel III mandates, and providing pre-built risk management and assessment tools like the CAMEL framework and associated risk ratings and metrics, to onsite examinations; the solution provides a robust platform that can be easily tweaked in days/weeks in order to adopt the latest banking supervision mandates. Effectively equipping them with the latest technological tools to conduct risk-based supervision, and promote transparency and timely intervention, while ultimately contributing to a resilient and sustainable banking sector.

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Questions? We're here to help you every step of the way. Let's talk.

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