SQL Power and CoreFiling team up to deliver enhanced Supervisory (SupTech) Solution for Europe

Bojana Nikolic | September 11, 2023

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, September 12, 2023/ – SQL Power, the global leader in Financial Regulation, Digital Transformation, and Advanced Analytics is proud to announce its newly formed partnership with CoreFiling. The partnership between SQL Power and CoreFiling represents a significant…..

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SupTech Revolutionizing Financial Supervision: Overcoming Challenges and Empowering Regulators

Bojana Nikolic | June 28, 2023

Amidst the dynamic landscape of global finance, characterized by innovation and increasing regulations, the demands on regulators and their regulated entities have grown exponentially. The advent of SupTech, which focuses on utilizing technology to enhance financial supervision, has become crucial…..

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RBI calls on banking supervisors to get familiar with new supervisory tools

Bojana Nikolic | June 16, 2023

According to a recent article published by Business Standard, the Reserve Bank (RBI) has called on banking supervisors to familiarize themselves with the latest technological tools in order to enhance their capabilities and effectively address the challenges posed by fast-evolving…..

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Bank of Namibia Goes Live with SQL Power’s Regulatory Reporting System, Successfully Achieving its Digital Transformation Agenda

Bojana Nikolic | March 14, 2023

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, March 14, 2023/ – SQL Power, the global leader in financial regulatory and advanced analytics technology is proud to announce the successful rollout of their supervisory platform, the SQL Power Suite, on February 23, 2023, at the…..

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The Bank of Namibia Selects SQL Power’s Supervisory Platform to Strengthen Their Commitments to Growth

Bojana Nikolic | February 2, 2022

  TORONTO, Feb 2, 2022  – SQL Power, the global leader in financial regulatory and advanced analytics technology is proud to announce that their supervisory platform, the SQL Power Suite, was selected by the Bank of Namibia (BON) as the technology…..

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Financial Regulation for the Digital Age

Bojana Nikolic | June 14, 2021

Financial regulation is entering the digital age, converting tools and strategies from analog to digital design. In the next decade, this transformation will reach critical mass and do for regulation what digitization does for everything else—make it better, faster, and…..

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Technologies for market conduct supervision in a new digital era

Bojana Nikolic | April 22, 2021

Last year, as regulators across the world were grappling with the multiple effects of COVID-19 on their economies, one movement caught the attention of many of them: record-breaking volumes of consumer complaints. This trend, consistent in high-income countries such as…..

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Regulators Eyeing Tech To Boost Financial Stability

Bojana Nikolic | February 12, 2021

Enhanced supervisory technology (SupTech) with strong governance and skilled human oversight could well have important benefits for financial regulators around the in efforts to increase economic stability in their nations and around the globe, said a report prepared for the…..

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